Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bears are Awake

This morning I found that the large plastic bin in which I keep the bird feed was tipped over, pulled open, and the remaining bags of seed and nuts ripped apart and eaten. That means we had a visit from a bear! I wish I had seen it. I think the wildlife with which we share our world are just fascinating. And, good for them for keeping going even with all our human encroachment and destruction.
Now, I do not anticipate that a neighborhood bear will be a problem, not with three dogs in the house. I'll just have to be careful about leaving any food or trash outside, or in the car, overnight. My summer car is a soft top convertible. Yikes, I can just see that top getting shreded 'cause I forgot to take in the leftovers from a dinner out ....


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I can't imagine how it must feel to have bears around at night. Possums skating across the tin roof and bats squeaking in the trees are enough for me...
    The possums climb across from the neighbours via a palm tree outside our bedroom window then scamper across the roof ridge - they can sound like a baby bear sometimes.
    Happy Days

  2. And I complained because a skunk tore apart our garbage. I too love wildlife and would gladly live in the back of beyond if I could (but now that I am a senior I need to be close to medical aid). Bears would make me a little nervous though.

  3. Delwyn, Doreen, thanks for the comments. The area in which I live is not so rural that bears are a steady problem. Although I know they live nearby, I think they only come so close to houses in the spring when they wake up hungry. After some time, they get enough food and retreat back into the deeper woods. I've lived in this house for 28 years and only saw a bear in my yard once. It just keeps life interesting!


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