Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flowers and Blue Skies

Maybe it's been worth the wait. At least, the dearth of color and life enables me to first appreciate subtle colors of white, greys and browns. Then, when the flowers burst forth under the newly gifted warmth and light - it can take your breath away.
These are apple and crabapple trees in my yard. The air is now filled with the scent of these blossoms, as well as the lilac. The sky is perfectly blue, 60 - 70 F during the day, 40s at night. Looonnnggg exhale.


  1. Those moments that take your breath away are so precious. And so easy to find if we just open ourselves to the wonder.

  2. Who would ever imagine how much beauty is waiting to bud under all that snow...


  3. Lovely pictures; I can imagine the heady perfumes.

  4. Blue skies and flowers Jennifer - you have hit the jackpot!
    I often think about you and where you live and how little summer you get there when I am such an outdoors girl. You must really appreciate every minute of it.

    Here I am complaining when the nights are cool at 18* which is lets see double it = 36 then add 32 , so that will be 68* - oh no thats your day time high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our days are still around 26-28 that would be 84 - 88 !! and we feel it is cooler...

    Enjoy the skies my dear...

    Happy Days
    Have you always lived right up there near the Arctic!!!!

  5. Meri, completely agreed! One of the many gifts from blogging is that additional openess.

  6. Thank you, Lola and Rosaria.

  7. Delwyn, wow your tempuratures are so much warmer. Are you in a sub-tropical climate? Yes, I've always lived in New England. Born and raised in Massachusetts and lived in New Hamphsire 31 years, 28 in this house. I was thinking this morning that my posts have been all about the Spring weather and, by implication, complaining about the Winter. Yet, there is a lot about the Winter I enjoy, too, and we spend a great deal of time outdoors then as well, especially after getting season passes at the local mountain. And, even as I complain, I think of The Woman In the Window who lives in Northern Ontario ... brrrrrr. I really have nothing to complain about.

  8. Sallymandy, hi and thank you.

  9. They are beautiful. I am still waiting for my lialacs to bloom. The buds are almost ready to open. I love the smell of spring and all the blossoms.


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