Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning Commute

For fun, I've started to take my camera with me in my car. I decided take a few photos along the way. This time I only snapped a quick two. More another time.
The view this morning on my way in to work.

I took a quick shot at a stop light around the corner from my office. I've always thought the color of this church was interesting, and unusual for this area.


  1. Hello Jennifer,
    I am doing some quiet tip toeing around and reading pretending that I am not home yet!

    It's good to see your neighbourhood. How big is town?
    I take my camera everywhere even to the supermarket - you just never know...

    I liked you outdoors setting. It sounds as if you are very glad to be outdoors again. NZ was cold for me but we still walked (me in 5 layers of clothing plus hat, scarf and gloves.)
    If you ever want to download psychologically you can always write me an email...I'm a good listener...
    Happy outdoor days

  2. I love taking a camera with me. It forces me to really look at things, see the ordinary and extraordinary beauty all around me. Looks like it does the same for you.

    And I'm going to post an answer to your question about "process" on my blog.

  3. Some time ago I posted a photo taken while driving and everyone freaked out because it was (honestly) dangerous. But they are interesting captures, I have to admit.

    Buckled up and safely back home.


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