Monday, June 15, 2009


Photo by Greg Cope (Flickr)
On our walk the other morning, I came across a fellow like the one above, a coyote. He or she was just trotting along, perpendicular to our path. It did not notice the dogs, and the dogs did not notice it. Then it noticed us, started off for a few yards, and then sat down to watch, just like above.
It can be such a startling, yet moving experience to see wildlife like that. We who live here know that coyotes live around here - a lot of animals live around here, and walk through our yards at night. Yet they are rarely seen. Mysterious, magical. But, this time, I got to see one.


  1. I always love to see wildlife unexpectedly. Sometimes it can be frightening, but usually it is just exciting & I feel grateful to be in the moment.

  2. Hi Jennifer

    and he is a lovely animal...interesting the dogs did not pick up his scent...

    we have wild dingos- (a dog) on the north shore which can be troublesome and attack and kill young children because their lives and feeding habits have been disrupted by man.

    Are they sociable at all?

    Happy Days

  3. I would be so excited to meet unexpected wildlife like that. Since I live in the city it NEVER HAPPENS.

    It must convey such primordial feelings, reminding us of how we too are wild beings. A good memento...

    Lola xx

  4. There used to be coyotes howling at night where I live, as well as deer, but people are pushing them out.

  5. Isn't nature wonderful. It is great when you can see them in their natural habitat. When I was in the city, I got to see a red fox one day running across the road. They were building some factories nearby and they had probably destroyed his home. It is sad to see these animals forced from thier homes. Where I live now there is still some natural habitat around where the deers roam free.

  6. great blog!

  7. I'm fortunate that the city I live in still has an abundance of wild life, from coyotes, foxes, and rabbits to the occasional cougar and bear. The sad thing is that it is not always fortunate for the animals. It makes me sad how much of their space we have taken to build our cities. Beautiful creatures, all.


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