Monday, July 13, 2009

The magic about wildflowers and perennials, I think, lies in the variety in which they bloom. The yard is ever changing. It's almost like fireworks in very slow motion. It's life. It's also a lesson. We all have our time to bloom.


  1. Hi Jennifer

    ...and that slow motion moves quickly enough don't you think?

    This is a lovely bloom - yellow is a favourite of mine - so optimistic...

    Happy days

  2. And their time is short. So when it's our chance to step up, we might as well take a deep breath and draw ourselves high.

    Thanks for your wonderful support my way.

  3. I agree. I love to go out to my garden each day as there is always something new there.

  4. Very true Jennifer. I love to watch how my garden unfolds as the Summer moves along and then goes to sleep for the Winter.

    My Black Eyed Susans are just ready to open. I look forward to their sunny faces.

  5. G'day from wintry Australia. You're right, but the TRUE magic is being able to depict them ....

  6. they are rather like fireworks! aptly put! today in bloom are all of my indiana perinneals like what you haow, but also asiatic lillies that smell like donuts, various daylillies in all colors, marigolds, phlox, gladiolus, and get this.... korean lilac! lilacs in bloom in july! bizarre! thanks. i really liked your post.

  7. I need to go out and clean up the detritus left by some of those "fireworks in slow motion" that have exploded in my garden. It's time to deadhead so the blooming will continue.


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