Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am back from my trip to Florida for my daughter's baby shower, feeling ripe from the infusion of love. I got the opportunity to see all of my children together, happy, and laughingly happy to be with each other. I got to be loose and silly and singy with my granddaughter, and feel the elbows and heels of my granddaughter to be. I got to meet warm and generous friends. What a great trip!
I even got to sink into the Florida August - similar to New Hampshire Augus - yet more vibrant and moist. That joint-loosening, hair dampening, skin glistening, languorous, sensuous heat. Puddles from passing thundershowers steaming in the sun. Brilliant bright sunlight and colors, and icy air conditioning and tile floors cold on the soles of your feet. That was my Florida this trip. I'll ask my kids if it is okay with them to publish a picture of the three of them together in these days.


  1. Hi Jennifer

    what a lovely time you must have had...unborn baby elbows and heels...oh how long ago was that - yesterday?

    Happy days

  2. your description of the heat was stunning ...and the family time I can tell was a real treat...

  3. Family times are precious. The humidity of a Florida summer, not so much.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to be "loose and silly and singy" with the grandchildren? I love to play with my grandchildren and take part in their lovely giggles.


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