Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On becoming...

...a sailor. Even claiming it here seems more than I deserve, a little self aggrandizing. But, I guess if I am in a sailboat and somehow or other maneuvering it through the water and actually getting from one place to another, then I am.
(I was not able to quite capture the serene mountain setting of this lake - I will keep trying.)
I also like the "becoming" part. Isn't it hopeful? And true. We are all becoming one thing or another. We are can not be static. If nothing else, then we are becoming decrepit, right? But, I love knowing that I am becoming ... smarter, wiser, stronger and am acquiring skills and experience in more and more things. That's what new experiences give you.
(Posing next to our little boat while the Mount Washington pulls out of the dock behind me.)


  1. well life is an ongoing learning process...so they say :)

  2. Good for you! I am an insatiable learner myself.
    What did you name Her? Did you break a bottle of Champagne on the launching? :)

    Big starboard hugs
    Lola xx

  3. Your urge toward continual growth both delights and inspires. Do you think you'd be this juicy in the absence of your divorce?


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