Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fair

Labor Day means The Fair in my town. Yes, I know that was LAST weekend - I am behind. I've been to The Fair nearly every year of the 28 years I have lived here, yet I do not think I have ever taken any pictures. So this year I hauled the camera along. I have just uploaded the photos to my computer, and some I just had to share. This is my favorite: This ox was massive and stunning. I believe he was over 6 feet high at the shoulder, and had a deep chest and neck. He stood very still, and patiently assessed the many people passing by. He seemed to possess a true dignity. There were sheep, and pigs, rabbits and mountain lions (sadly in a cage). The 4-Hers groomed and showed their animals, and food stands dressed up in their gaudy advertising. I can't believe it's September already!


  1. Hello Stranger..
    I enjoyed to see the fair in your town. Our rural one was last weekend too...but I didn't get out into the country to see it...
    I loved the red barns in the background...

    Happy days

  2. hello jennifer!! it was great travelling along to the fair with you. that used to be a tradition in my family when i was a kid. each fall we'd travel into the city to see the royal agricultural winter fair. it was an overwhelming extravaganza of almost everything you can imagine.
    my favourite pic here? the bunnies!!! have a peaceful day. steven

  3. I also used to love the fairs but I don't go out much anymore. I think that it is blogging that encourages us to take a camera when we go places. I never took many pictures before because - what would I do with them - throw them in a box and forget about them? Now that I have a blog I take lots of pictures because now I can share them with others. Isn't it wonderful to be able to share?

  4. september did come too fast didn't it... love the pictures :)

  5. There is something gentling in a fall fair. That first shot of the oxen is framed so unusually and the light is ethereal. Love that one especially.

  6. oh, ethereal in spite of the oxen's slobber...

  7. I love the pigs and the bunnies. My cousins live in the country and as a kid I used to go to their fall fair. I can still remember the smells and the trouble we'd get into (silly kid trouble like hiding in stacks of hay). There is something very simple and sweet about the fall fair. Great pictures.


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