Monday, January 18, 2010


I finally got the new puppy to stand still long enough to get a few pictures, but just barely.  So, here is the lucky puppy from Polk County Animal Shelter in Florida.  She's still fairly thin, but I'm working on it.  She gets double what the other two dogs get in food each day.

Digging for apples in the snow (underneath an apple treee).  She's obsessed with apples.

The usual, playing with the other dog (why it's so hard to get a photo)

The dog in the foreground has dropped a stick at my feet to throw.  Leah is chewing, as usual.  Lisbon is off with his own toy in the back, so these foreground two don't get in his way.


  1. so cute...getting them still the premium challenge

  2. Oh my gosh - what a cute dog! She does appear to be a handful and a lot of work. I'm glad she's yours and not mine. . . I'm not going to do another dog after my old Bichon Frise dies. (At least that's my current thinking).

  3. look at her!! lucky lucky puppy to end up in your life and you in hers!! she'll grow in every way. steven

  4. HI. I slid over from Janine's "Sniffles and Smiles." From the picture I'd say you've rescued a Portuguese Water Dog. They're not a common breed; our daughter-in-law has one. They're very high energy, and tend to stick with one person.

  5. What a beauty; I hope you two have lots of energy for all that playing around.

  6. OMG Jennifer, your new baby is absolutely beautiful. She looks like a Labradoodle. I'm going to dedicate some space on my new blog to the wonders of the "oodles".


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