Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the Water

The view from the water in a busy port city is fascinating.  First, it is not the perspective that a typical viewer usually has.  Most things are oriented to the street: the door of a shop; its window displays; signs; flowers and landscaping; lighting. 

The water side is the working side.  The delivery access.  The place where the seafood catch is delivered to land.  The docks where the gasloline tanker unloads its cargo. 

Back doors.

It's the place where ships are built.  This is the oldest continuously operating shipyard in the United States.

You get to see the undersides of bridges.

And all the while, you're on the sea, smelling the sea and its air, feeling its power and majesty.


  1. Don't you just love how looking through a lens makes you focus on what's right in front of you?

    And btw, I love the Arundhati Roy quote!

  2. i love seeing other sides of stories. steven

  3. hi jennifer, visiting via eleonora's blog. how lucky to live in a city by the sea - great photos! it must be fascinating to watch the boat traffic come and go. also enjoyed your last post as i'm at a similar stage in life.

    great blog and will be back to visit.

  4. ooh lovely pics - i always like that dockland scene. where are you? i need to catch up. know what you mean about the big 50 hey! good times ahead though :-) thanks for visiting mine!


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