Monday, July 12, 2010

More Adventure

I am so excited about this little beauty.

No, not my dog (though she IS cute).  I have been wanting to kayak for years and years.  Now the adventure begins.
I live in a place that offers so many opportunities to get outside and explore by water.  There are so many lakes, ponds and waterways, as well as a gorgeous rocky rugged ocean shorelline (this kayak is too small for that, though).  I can't believe it!  Now I can throw this on or in the wagon and head out for adventure whenever I want.  The potential is tingling in my fingertips.

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  1. They have these boats now, with motors. You don't have to paddle. I say that as our kayaks sit idle. Seems in my older age, motors work much better for me.

    My mother loves to row. I must say the gentle movement of the paddle breaking through the water, very calming.


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