Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeding Deer

The position of the Fish and Game Department is that You Must Not Feed the Deer. They have even published an entire pamphlet that details all the reasons why, from disturbing needed enzymes in their stomachs, to exhausting their meager reserves of energy to travel to the feeding site (apparently where they otherwise would not go). Then I see them, outside my windows in the predawn dark, wondering around the house, nibbling at bare branch tips and scarce bits of debris on the snow, looking looking looking for food to survive. One knows that they are literally starving, living off of fat stored from the previous summer, only able to survive IF the snow melts before their fat store is completely gone. Even the Fish and Game Department’s brochure tells you that. And, now it’s nearly the middle of March. There has been deep snow on the ground since November, and it’s supposed to snow again. How can I watch such beautiful creatures starve before my very eyes? So, I bought a product called “Wildlife Grains” from the feed store, intended for deer. It smells richly of molasses and vitality – even I could eat it. I put a quarter bucket out in the woods behind my house last evening. This morning I went out to see if the deer came, hoping they would because of the recent snowfall and knowing that at least some among them may be at death’s door. Well, I think I got more than I bargained for – the woods were FULL of deer tracks. They even came to the plastic bin that holds the rest of the 50lb feed bag, and walked all around, I guess trying to figure out how to get at it. With all the tracks everywhere, it is hard to tell whether they’re from 4 deer walking around a lot, or a dozens. ….I guess I am going to need a lot more “Wildlife Grains” if the snow doesn’t melt soon!

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  1. What a kind girl you are - sometimes bureaucracy, even with the best of intentions, doesn't make sense and you need to run with your own conscience.


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