Monday, March 9, 2009


With appreciation to the person who has taken the time to look at this blog - your acknowledgement is both startling and welcoming! As is written on the sidebar, this blog exercise started as a means to have more permanent storage, and more context options, for a personal photo journal I was writing to myself in my hard drive. Then I saw the wonderful and beautiful blogs by you all, and was hooked on the idea that these thoughts can be shared, that there is a creative and thoughtful community out there I would love to read. Not so novel an idea to you all, maybe, but to me ... share?... my thoughts? AND, that somebody may actually read them? Wow. So, thank you, Delwyn. I am honored to have you be the first follower to my blog, as I am so impressed by yours, a hazy moon, and the warmth that flows from it. I just started this blog a week ago, and am still figuring out the protocol, details and filling in content. I have purposefully excluded my profile because that is linked to my professional (little, simple, and also quite new) blog attached to my business website. I have clients from which I want to keep my personal life, thoughts, and dreams separate, espcially from my clients' ex-spouses - many of whom actually want to do me harm. And, I am writing this as a post, rather than a reply comment, because I wanted to both tip my hat to you, and explain the profile thing right up front. (And, just to clarify about my kids - I'm not concerned about their approval [they're cool], only their privacy.)


  1. Good morning Jennifer, Thank you for the above. I am going to enjoy our connection.
    I have only been blogging since Jan this year and it does take a while to find out all the little tricks. In addition Mr Blogger can at times be very don't worry if things go haywire - it may not be you.
    A couple of things I found out by trial and error is that Mr Blog does not like work copied from a word processor program such as word. It carries over nasty embedded gobbledygook that takes hours to eliminate if you are savy enough to try.

    Also if you have a graphic that you have taken from the web, by pasting it into photoshop and saving it there you eliminate all the embedded coding and it will publish ok.

    have fun

  2. P.S. Many of us took off the word verification thingy recently after Mr Blogg had a day when it would not process and no comments could get through.

  3. Yes, we are cool and very much approve and are inspired by what our Mom is doing!! Love you, Mom!


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