Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Vacation

We climbed mountains.

We played games.

We created art.

  I had the wonderful experience of having my older granddaughter spend almost two weeks with me at my home while my daughter headed West to visit my son.  My granddaughter is an amazing little person, with acute observations and adventurous spirit.  I got to play non-stop the entire time. 

After the visit in New Hampshire, I returned her back home to Florida.  While there, I got to see my other daughter and my younger granddaughter, not yet old enough to spend a week with me.  I had more days of amazement at the intelligence, grace and beauty of my daughters and granddaughters all. 

I can't say it any better than Delwyn does.  Happy Days.




  1. What a blessed time you had. I can't wait til greet my first granddaughter in Japan...

    Many Happy days

  2. Gosh, what a beautiful family you have...! Holy doodle, they're gorgeous.

    Happy days...!

  3. Grandchildren feel like a surprise miracle. The feelings of giving birth to your own children and the blinding love that follows is recreated, I think unexpectedly, because you skip the pregnancy so it doesn't hit until you first pick them up. I am happy for your soon to be experience.

  4. Hi Jo, Thank you so much. I'll be including my son, hopefully, soon, too, if I can use some of the photos my daughter took when she just went to visit him.


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