Monday, October 18, 2010

Wasn't it Just August?

When I think of posting, I find myself going back to the same theme: time passing quickly.  I picked up a carton of something from the fridge the other day that had a "sell by" date of August 28th.  I actually started to use it, thinking, "that's not so bad, it was just August a week or so ago!"  I practically plopped right down on the floor right there in astonishment when I quickly then realized August was 2 MONTHS ago.  I mean, really, what happened to September?

I know I am repeating myself.  How many times can I say "where did the time go?"  This time, though, I nearly felt as though I must have been in a coma or something.  I literally stopped a moment to go over the events of the last few months in my mind to make sure I really did not step through a time portal.  And, no, I did not.  We went to our local annual fair - which I blogged about last year - and the annual boat show - we stayed at a fancy hotel in Newport.  I remembered being sad I missed my granddaughter's first birthday since she is in Florida, but she's moving back to New England next month so I'll get to see her all the time!  Weekends were full of harvesting and processing food from the garden and soaking up the beautiful weather and scanning trays and trays full of slides which cataloged my entire childhood.  Yes I remember, it was a good September.

This is my Austen Powers impersonation.

I was not responsible for my hair!

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