Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

Just to remind myself of what it was like, I just took a peak at my own photojournal, the meanderings with photos I was keeping for myself on my own harddrive. I thought this was worth bringing out again.
This is my beautiful granddaughter, photographs taken by my oldest beautiful and talented daughter.
Isn't it interesting that even just seeing pictures of loved ones, or summer, can ease me? My shoulders come down, I sigh, sit back in my office chair, look out the window, and remember what she smells like.

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  1. Hello Jennifer, What a joy she must be. I have no grandchildren yet and that is fine by me as my youngest has only been out of school for a year, so I need a breatha before the babies start coming - after over 30 years of mothering a need to get back to a life of ease and self indulgence...for a while anyway.
    Happy weekend


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