Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello Monday. This is the view from my office window, just to the left of where I am sitting. I am fortunate to love my office, a tiny old house in the "city" next to the town in which I live. My husband and I own it, which certainly contributes to my affection. So, even though I dream of travel, and will travel, and seek to understand better, things both within us and larger than us: creativity; spirituality; beauty, at least I get to love where I am for now. That's a good place to start. This is the cat, looking out above window as she sits on my desk in front of my computer and on my papers. Our cats live and have refuge at the office because the three dogs at home would terrorize them if they lived there. The above cat, Chloe, I brought here from the SPCA to keep the other cat company - but it turns out that the only interest Chloe has in the first cat is to stalk her tirelessly. Now first cat spends her time hiding in the cupboards. So much for well intentioned plans.... ...which is my thought for today. What is the better choice for carrying out one's life to the fullest: to make specific, identified goals in order to self direct - to Plan; or to let opportunity, serendipity and openness discover paths one might not have otherwise followed?
This is the woods yesterday, a gloriously bright and warm day.


  1. Hello Jennifer,

    to love where I am for now. That's a good place to start.

    thats the perfect place to start and if truth be known it will also be the place you end up at!!!

    I like to plan and make commitments to certain ventures and adventures and then be open and flexible to see how it all pans out and sometimes not to be too concerned if things don't appear to be going the way I expect.

    But I do think that it's necessary, for me at least, to have intentions every day, little plans that give shape to the day and little intentions of spirit that give the tone to my day.

  2. P.S. What is it that you do from your other town office?

  3. What a lovely view! That is a GREAT place to start.
    So, while making specific, identified goals in order to self direct, look out that office window and wait for opportunity, serendipity and openness to draw out the map to the future.

    I used to have a cat who looked just like Chloe!

  4. Delwyn, thank you for your insights. Well, what I do may seem like the antithesis of beauty and light. I am an attorney, primarily in Family Law. Yet, my goal is to not only help people in a difficult time, but to instill what grace I can into the situation. Divorce and custody battles are situations in which people frequently behave badly, very badly. I try to raise them out of that. I practically have this little motto printed on my forehead, "Just Do the Right Thing."

  5. Lola, I appreciate the encouragement, in your comment and in your blog. It's the weekend and you've inspired me to cook well.


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