Monday, March 2, 2009

Some images from the past

July 12, 2008 I wish I could have taken a picture, but it was too dark. But I hope that I can capture the image for myself by this description. A few evenings ago, I went to woods on the other side of the garage for the dogs’ evening “visit.” It had been raining hard that day, but had stopped by the time the dogs and I got outside. The air was heavy still with the wet, and it was deeply overcast so that it was even slightly misty. It was nearly dark; but not quite. There was just enough light to make out trees with mossy sides, dark ferns covering the forest floor, cool rocks glossy and softly reflective with condensed mist. It was in the gloaming. It made you need to stand still. Once still, you could see the fireflies. The woods were full of fireflies intermittently glowing on… then off, gliding about the air. You could see them for quite a distance, as far as you could see through the woods. See it? This is where the idea of fairies comes from.


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Something About Sunsets

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