Thursday, April 16, 2009

Incentive to Get Away

I'm still reeling from tax day; I've had a splitting headache all week, going to bed at 8:00. Taxes seem to be sooooo amorphous, changeable, unpredictable, when one is self employed. Who knew one could make less money yet have to pay more in taxes? Okay, since I got that off my chest, this vicious gripping headache is muffling my thoughts and ability to communicate. Yet, it is also reminding me of my PLAN. Although I've confessed, or should I say professed, our plan to embark on a long term sailing adventure, the plan includes about a year of pre-sail preparation. In addition to working as much as possible for the financial end of plans (or treading water while we wait for the recession to end), I also need to take a Coast Guard sailing, seamanship and safety course this summer. There are a lot of things I need to learn, like what do you do when the boat rolls in a hurricane! What I am trying to say is that The Plan will take some time to impliment, mostly because of the economic situation. It's frustrating for me and slow storytelling for you. But - in every way I am glad for our choice.


  1. Hi Jennifer, we will be interested as you progress step by step.
    I hope the head eases now the tax report has been done.

    P.S. I am still posting. Blogger has a problem and my new posts are not being feed to other bloggers' bloglists so it appears as if I am stuck with Florence!

    I am feeling very lonely today!

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