Thursday, August 13, 2009


Beau continued to go downhill during the night. We were able to get him to the vet's first thing this morning and release him from his pain. Goodbye Beau.


  1. jennifer, my heart goes out to you. as will rogers said, if there are no dogs in heaven, i don't want to go. may beau rest in peace. namaste - kitty

  2. Dear Jennifer,

    I have read the previous post and this one with tears in my eyes. My heart breaks for you. Your Beau was beautiful, and lucky he had a few more good years with you.

    We also have an older rescued dog, an Aussie, also named Beau. Your story is so similar to ours, so it really touched me.

    May your Beau rest in peace. I hope you feel better about everything soon.


  3. Oh, Jennifer, sorry for your loss. Animals teach us many things, loyalty, friendship, love. They also teach us that life has an end.

  4. Bye Beau. Sorry Jennifer. Glad he had you to watch over him.

  5. Hi Jennifer

    Vale Beau

    thinking of you..

    Happy Days

  6. i am here from Marinik's blog to say I am sorry for you losing Beau, we have had 2 goldens succumb to issues similar...losing a friend is one of the hardest to bear...

  7. Jennifer,
    I can't see to type through my tears.....

    Your previous post with the description of discovering how much Beau and the attack has affected you was beautifully written, your emotion was palpable. This is why I'm crying....losing a pet and the feelings tied to it can sneak up on you.

    I'm with Kitty and Will Rogers, if there aren't any dogs in heaven, I'm picking the other place...

  8. Thank you all for reading, "listening," and writing me with your gentle and kind words. You touch me.

  9. I am sure that I commented on this message before but I have had a problem with my server sending messages sometimes. Jennifer, I was so sad to read about Beau. I cry whenever I read about someone losing their pet. I still miss my beloved Mandy and it has been three years now. We now have two cats but it is not the same.


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