Monday, October 5, 2009

On Life

Precious Perfect Creation II appeared in my life September 16th at 10:45 am. Even now I cry. Maybe it's the sunset happening as I write. A few days after she was born, someone asked me how I was. I said only, "overwhelmed." My listeners seemed surprised. I think they thought I meant in the negative sense, as if I were tired. Oh my, no, not that.

I believe that life feels more beautiful and precious and fragile and fleeting as we get older. So the arrival of this new life feels intense. First, there is joy to the 4th power. I have two daughters who each now have a daughter. When one's daughter gives birth one feels the joy of your own child's experience, knowing that it is the happiest of her life. Your heart is full to bursting with joy for her. On top of that, one feels the joy of your own grandchild being born. That's cartwheeling joy for yourself. On top of that, there is the this new person experiencing the beginning of her life, seeing her mother's and father's face for the first time and being held in their arms. Multi-tiered x multi-person joy. You see what I mean?

Then there is the all the worry and excitement for each of their futures. From the perspective of age, I am achingly aware of the possible hardships, accomplishments, hurts, and laughter ... all that damn LIFE ahead of them. It's so big it hurts. I am overwhelmed.


  1. Hi Jennifer

    and welcome to little Miss Precious Perfect Creation...

    you are blessed...and so is she...

    Happy days

  2. hello jennifer, lucky lucky you!!! i love babies - i've seen three come into this world. they are now 21, 14, and 12. there are all sorts of incredible experiences at every stage, incredible hardships yes, and also incredible mindblowing joys. enjoy the wonder of the endless amazement these people bring into our lives!!! steven

  3. oh it is great, exciting, and overwhelming all at once isn't it... but sweet as ever :))

  4. Beautiful. Makes we want to reach in and pick her up. Overwhelming, yes. Most lovely picture.


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