Sunday, January 31, 2010

on the trail

It's fun to discover small wonders while out on the (almost) daily woods-walk with the dogs.  This is a growing pile of pine chips a woodpecker has worked out of that tree. 

Up the tree about 15 feet are several large holes.  I did not have my camera with me, just my iPhone, so the photo is not as clear as I would like. And, because of the backlighting, I could not adjust to get a better image of the holes - but you can see, just barely, the pale tan of newly exposed pinewood.  I think that the animal's ability to find food in the winter is amazing.  The woodpecker, especially, drilling through solidly frozen wood, hammering its beak with such force.  As I sit here, inside, in front of an electric heater, with a full tummy, while the wind sings outside, I know how easy I have it in comparison.


  1. hi jennifer, doesn't it amaze you that they can bang frozen hard wood into little chips! i really like the sun peaking 'round the tree. the bookclub i am in read the lacuna (saw the quote under your header pic). the bookclub's me and four very bright cool women - how's that for luck?!! i wanted so much more about frida kahlo but i'm greedy for whatever reason when it comes to that sort of person. steven

  2. Hi, Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for stopping by...I'm still on my break, but I wanted to thank you for thinking of are such a wonderful friend!!! What a great capture!! I've only seen a woodpecker in action once!! Your pictures of your new puppy are beautiful as well!!! You must be so thrilled!!! Well, must be back to my work, but I did want to thank you and send my love, Janine XO

  3. i can feel and see the special moments on this walk ~elk

  4. Hi Elk, Yes, even during an everyday walk there are interesting things to see.

  5. Steven, you're right, The Lacuna did not have much on Frida herself. What is interesting about her to you?


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