Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden Time Around the Corner

This is a stirring sight in our household.

It means that it is almost garden time.  The growing season is short up here in the Northern side of the US.  So, to help ensure that the vegetables have enough time to produce their goodies, we give them a warm head start inside.  When the weather turns to snow in April, these infants stay safe.  When freezey breezes toss the apple blossoms into the air, these pampered babies stretch their roots in their pre-garden sanctuary.  By the end of May when there is no more chance of frost, we give them their chance to feel direct sunshine and rain at last - that is until we eat them!



  1. I just planted basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary seeds and the little things are already pushing their tiny heads through the soil. Can't wait to use them for cooking. A tiny bit of rural in my urban.

  2. Hi Jennifer

    where are they a shed or indoors with you in the warm. You do have a very short growing season and it amazes me how quickly the winter gives way to spring growth once a little warmth appears. I have enjoyed seeing this happen via the blog in the northern hemisphere...

    Happy days

  3. I Have just spotted the John Irving book you are reading...How is it?

    he was a favourite writer a way back for me...

  4. I absolutely love to garden and I so admire people like you who get all the little seedlings done ahead of time. I'm of the toss-the-seed-in-the-ground-and-if-they-grow-woooooooohoooooo! variety of gardeners, tho. Not enough time otherwise. The grandboys and I planted mini pumpkin, zucchini, and cucumber seeds the other day and it's already a daily check to see if they're coming above ground yet, ha! If I can instill a love of gardening in them, too, I feel that's one of the best legacies I can pass on to them. There is nothing more satisfying in life than to put daily cares behind me and go out and 'lose' myself in the back yard for an hour or two. Bliss!

  5. Oh, and I am also interested in this Irving book. Is it good????


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