Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There's a Hole in My Wall!

This is the very view from the seat in which I began this post, until the mosquitoes attacked.

(Hey, I just wanted a little LIGHT in my house.)

This is part of a kitchen renovation.  The kitchen sink used to be behind this hole, and now it's
on the other side of the house.

This will be French doors, and the room behind them will be filled with light...and repainted.  The red trim was "country," circa 1981.

The dogs think it's great!


  1. Hi Jennifer
    that looks to be a great idea. We live in glass houses down here - well almost and love the light although I have found that it is cold in the winter. I hope the days are warm while you get the hole finished off.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Chinese Fisherman poem.

    Happy days

  2. Good to see you again -- even if I'm a few days late getting here.

  3. Hi Delwyn. Yes, that's why houses around here do not tend to have as many windows as I'd like, with 6 months of below freezing weather. But, I'm willing to trade a little sunshine for a possible chill. And, since the old wall and small window had no insulation, and the new window will be super efficient, I'm betting it will be warmer AND brighter.

  4. Hi Meri, Thanks it's nice to be back, but I do miss my granddaughters and daughters.


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