Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

Today is the first day of daylight savings time. I really am happy, really. But I associate "daylight savings time" with being OUTSIDE, in the evening after work or after dinner, sitting in the gazebo and enjoying the sunset, maybe a fire to keep away the mosquitoes. But, all nostalgia and longing is frustrated because there is still more than a foot of snow in the yard. As noted yesterday, the only place to "sit" is in the muddy driveway. And, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, again. Another 6 inches. Sigh.
So, what to do with gift of daylight at the end of the day right now? Go walk in the woods. And on that walk, I can enjoy one of my favorite things about snow - tracks. When I walk in the woods and get to see all the tracks left behind from the previous night,s activity, I feel as though I get a voyeur's view into the secret life of animals. It's sure easy to see where the deer move during the day, or that a bobcat passed by and chased a wild turkey. On the walk today I came across the biggest dog print I have every seen. I included my own foot for perspective - notice that paw print is as big as mine!
I am also amazed at how life works around snow. I checked on the stream that runs by the trail, and was amazed that the snow is deeply covering most of the stream, while the water just goes along, flowing beneath it. I think there is a message there.

The dogs on the way back - look a little more tired than the first picture, huh?

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