Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making the Most While We Wait

Saturday, and another blah weather day: windy; grey; chilly. But, the grass is getting green, and the perennials are starting to peak above the dirt and push aside last year's sodden leaves. I did the first bit of gardening today. Yeah! The beast that is the snow is cornered into individual, dirt covered piles in the shadows, no longer the ominous monster of March.
Yet, I So want to get out of here! Is it the inevitable feeling of Spring to feel the restless yearning for new sights, smells and tastes? Darn the terrible economy! Though many are far worse of than we are, still travel is just not a smart choice right now. But, I want to see the ocean. The coast is only an hour and half drive from here, and all I have to do is hop into the car. Yet, the idea of grey ocean smashing against grey rocks in the wind and chill is just not inspiring me. We have a plan, though. If the sun comes out next weekend, it will warm things up. John and I plan to take a drive, maybe to Cape Cod. We just have to find a dog friendly B&B. Last November we took a spur of the moment trip to Nantucket and found a charming B&B that accepted dogs, even though the owner nearly had a heart attack when she heard we had 3, AND that they were each about 70 lbs!
Well, since the outside was not inviting today, I had to cook some comfort food. First was chocolate frosted Toll House cookie bars, and then some homemade macaroni and cheese with cauliflower, right out of a recent issue of Real Simple Magazine. So, I'm raising my glass to today - Cheers! While we still wait patiently for warm weather and sun on our skin, life is nonetheless joyful. Me and all of my loved ones are healthy and happy, and I am fortunate enough to have plenty of good food for my tummy.
This is nothing to do with today. This photo was stored right next to the one above on my computer, and it made me smile and miss my girls.


  1. Hi Jennifer, I confer with you - macaroni cheese must be #1 comfort food.

    Is the photo of your daughter and grand-daughter? I see the similarity - lovely...
    Tell me about Toll house cookie bars.

  2. Happy Sunday, Delwyn! No, it must be Monday by now where you are. Yes, that's my daugther and granddaughter, however they are aunt and neice to each other. That's my younger daughter and my granddaughter belongs to my older daughter. Toll House cookie bars are from the classic recipie on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag - but the dough is spread into a 13"x 9" baking pan. Then, I just felt like more chocolate, so made up some frosting to spread on, too! I know the recepie is old, but I was curious so, I just looked it up. I discovered that it was invented in the 1930's by a woman living in an old house in Massachusetts built in the early 1700's. That house had been a stopping point for travellers in the 1700's, who paid a toll, and received lodging, rest and food for themselves and their horses. So in the 1930's this woman made the home into an inn, and called it the Toll House Inn. She invented the cookie by chopping up a bar of chocolate into a blonde cookie recipie.

  3. Lovely post and thanks for the Toll House story. OK now I'm hungry again. And it's got to be comfort food! Ciao

  4. The Chocolate Cookie bars sound divine. The weather has been rather strange of late up in Northumberland too. Comfort food is definitely a great .... comfort.

    CJ xx

  5. That sounds like some seriously yummy comfort food! My family and I are in a similar situation with regard to traveling. I keep thinking "stay-cation." What exactly does that mean? Maybe your idea about going near by, taking dog, etc. Have a nice week.

    the blue kimono

  6. Hello sallymandy and Crystal Jigsaw and Lola. Thank you all for visiting and your comments! I've been away from my blog this week, but actually have been thinking of all of you (and Delwyn, too) and wondering how things are going with the new lambs, the earthquake recovery, and taking a new photo like Sallymandy's happy face.


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