Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Okay, we've got a plan, and I can't wait to tell you! We've been trying to decide which of several enticing paths (see Robert Frost's poem below) we want to take next in our lives. Even though I've only started my business 4 years ago, and John his new career last year, we've been looking ahead to what's next. Travel, the ocean, and exploration have been calling. Of course, it would all be so easy if we won the lottery ... but suddenly, mutually, we just seemed to come to full realization that life IS what WE make it, and we can make it, make it happen. It might not be easy, might be financially risky, might have to let go of earthly possessions like a house or sports car, but living dreams are also about choices. So, we have set our feet firmly on the path that is grassy and wanting wear: we are going to take a hiatus from our office and sail. I mean, take off for a year or two, live on the boat and go as far as time and money will take us.
This is my first public declaration. There is a lot of plan making ahead, and I can't wait to share.


  1. Oh! Wow!

    This is amazing!
    You guys have to feel soo incredibly ALIVE!

    How incredible to have just read the basis of your blog,
    then to return and see your latest posting...
    wow! you HAVE reached into another place!

    Amazing to witness!
    Nice! Just nice.


  2. Hello Jennifer,
    what exciting news
    You both must be so full of anticipation, ideas, plans... how wonderful..this is what the autumn of our lives is for...we have done the hard yards, built the careers, raised the its our time...hurrah!!
    good on you and it will be an exciting adventure as it unfolds for us too...

    I'll swap you my Japan stories for your sailing may even sail down here...or Kauai where we visit on a regular basis????

  3. Jennifer that is incredibly thrilling.

    Don't wait to do things because than you may not have the time. Now is the time and I am so excited for you Jennifer.

    Amazing adventures ahead. Hey they all start with an A which makes me think we have to start from the beginning.

    Renee xoxo

  4. How exciting - life is truly what you make it so good luck with all your plans Lx

  5. Jennifer that is incredibly good news. I love making plans, you must be so excited!!

    Don't procrastinate in doing things because you may not have the time later. Now is the right time, go for it!


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