Saturday, April 11, 2009

My yard in April

Today is going to be a photo blog. This is my yard in April. Yeah - underwhelming I know. Yet, my point is both to take note of the positives, the little wonders, some of my favorite spots, and to remember. It will make June all that much more luscious. Notice the thermometer reading 45F on our Sugar Maple (where maple sugar comes from) next to the ubiquitous stone wall.
You can just make out my reflection in the raindrop on the emerging columbine leaves.
The garden fence John made, looking to our neighbor's pool house. My hollow apple tree.

The only flower in the yard.

I love the colors of my house. My house was white, just white, for 26 years. When I had it painted for the first time a few years ago, I picked the color of the door from the stem of an eggplant leaf in the garden. I wanted the gray to be like the sky, or fog, ever changing, not quite describable. It turned out perfectly. Today is a steel gray overcast day, which is reflected in the color.
The bridge over our little stream.
The view up my driveway and my neighbor's barn.


  1. Morning Jennifer,
    Oh how I loved to see your environment. So different to mine. It will be good to see again, the same shots maybe in a month or so when it is green ???
    Have you a small acreage?

    I love the country and in my next life will have to be a country girl. The sea calls this life!
    In NZ we lived on a small rural block and have owned a rural property in the bush here - 120 acres where we established a palm nursery. Now have sold it all off but I still hanker for the countryside - the only thing here is it gets jolly hot away from the coast.
    Love your post, keep the pics coming !!

  2. P.S. I love the new photo of you.

  3. P.P.S.
    Let's talk about Robert Frost's poem one day.

  4. G'day Delwyn *waving* .... (we are blog friends)

    I'm in Australia Jennifer and I loved the photos ...keep them coming. Love the barns love the fences, ok I loved the whole thing.

    I live in a rural town 24,000 in NSW surrounded by rolling hills, gorges and sheep and cattle.

    Very different vegetation ....

    I'm going to enjoy your blog.

  5. Hi. I just came in from
    Delwin's blog. I like the books in your sunroom: we like the same authors.

  6. Beautiful photographs!
    Nice going!


  7. Jennifer,
    thank you for opening the gates to your wold and ketting us in. The nature shots are great, the house colors are perfect and the passion in each capture is heartwarming. Thank you!
    As I write this my eyes wander off to the side to old Frost's touching poem. I have a special relationship with Robert Frost. His poetry has always walked with me in various stages of my life. The greatest coincidence is that I was born in Bennington, VT - the town where he sleeps in the Old Bennington Cemetery. His epitaph reads, "I had a lover's quarrel with the world" and it gets me everytime. Ciao

  8. ...eyes wandering so that I spelled LETTING wrong in my opening sentence! Ciao

  9. Nice photos. I love the color of your house. Two years ago I had our house repainted. Most of it is white stone, but the back was a boring beige color. I wanted it to blend with the surrounding trees & greenery so I picked a light green not so very different from the lettering in the comments section of your blog. The trim is a rust color which matches the roof. It suits the house much better.

  10. Whoops, I forgot to say how cute your Portuguese water dog is! What is it's name? Male or female? Just darling!

  11. Hello Delwyn! I would love to have much, much more land, but I only have 2 acres. I am fortuante because my little patch of woods abuts a neighbor's 5 acres, which in turn abuts the town forest in which I walk most days. Thanks for the comment on the new self portrait. I just thought the former looked like I was taking myself much too seriously! Looking forward to our talk about roads less travelled.

  12. Sara Lulu, thank you. I amazed that you folks in Australia like the photos - they seem so gray and bleak next to your colorful paradise.

  13. Chuck, thank you. Your blog, your creative style, is an inspsiration for my writing.

  14. Lola, wow, you were born in Vermont! Frost continues to surprise me; I did not know what his tombstone said - thank you. I'd love to hear about that special relationship sometime. I was born less than a mile from Thoreau's Walden Pond. There must be something about the spirit of the place in which one was born.

  15. Lizzy, welcome! I let my daughter pick the dog's name. She went to a list of Portuguese names on the internet and picked good one: Aelah (it's a female).

  16. Jennifer I love the colours of the house. It looks great.

    Your dog is so beautiful. Love the picture with him in the chair.

    Renee xoxo

  17. These are really nice. Thank you! I love seeing where my bloggy friends live. My yard looks much like yours does, but spring's charging in fast.


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