Monday, April 27, 2009

To the Ocean

FIRST - Happy Birthday to my youngest child, my son. You are 21 today, and I am so proud of the man you have become. _______________________
Yesterday we took and adventure day to the ocean. New Hampshire has but 20 miles of coastline. Yesterday I neeeded to see it. I needed the air, open view, rythmn of water. I've been at The End Of My Rope, and needed the vastness of sea and sky to reset. I had a great time looking and looking, from the endless horizon to the tiny periwinkles in a tidal pool.


  1. Hello Jennifer,
    Isn't it odd but as soon as your picture with the seaweed over the rocks loaded I could smell the salty brine.

    Why are you so worn out?
    I hope the little trip re-energised you...
    Take care

  2. It's getting closer to the time when your youngest will fly the nest and you'll join the rank of empty nesters. It's not that bad, actually. It is like a second honeymoon, for the rest of your life.

  3. Lovely photos of the rocks and birds Jennifer. Happy anniversary of mothering this son, to you.

  4. Hi Delwyn, I'm glad that I can bring you something from here, since you bring me so much from your beautiful location. I wonder if the ocean's smell differently? They probably do. What is the temperature of the ocean near your home? Here it's in the low 40's (F).

  5. Hi Rosaria! Actually, I'm already there (he's a junior in college, living in Montana). And, I think I share your feeling; part of me misses them all and wants their childhood back (as if it were mine), and part of me is fine, happy with my life and happy that they are living theirs happily.

  6. Hi Sallymandy, thank you for the sentiment. It's a celebration for me as well as for him.


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