Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Begining

My camera was unused to the humidity. Upon its first release from the luggage, it fogged in response as if it was not ready to begin. But we were! The anticipation to begin, to take one of those boats and head out to the sea and adventure was incredible. waiting excruciating. After we had travelled an entire day, we had to sleep in a hotel over looking the boats, teasing. You can't sail on the boat at night, and you can't get on the boat until after the mandatory briefing. They would not even tell us which one was going to be our adventure vessel, our Black Pearl, for the week until noon, the appointed time. 32 hours after leaving home, we finally got underway. Within an hour or so, I was losing my lunch over the side of the boat.....


  1. Oh no! Had you been seasick before?

  2. Hi Jennifer

    Did you anticipate that?

    I can't sail at all - I have very wonky balance so now refuse to go on a boat. I can feel a bit wobbly after being on the paddle board if its rough...

    Oh dear...what comes next...

    Happy Days

  3. Oh no!! Keep your eye on the horizon and it won't seem so rocky. I hope it goes better for you from here on in.

  4. You'll get your sea legs soon enough.


  5. Thank you all for your concern. I anticipated being sick, and took as many precautions as I could, Dramamine works very well. I just figured I needed to get over it, and concentrate on the good stuff.


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