Thursday, July 2, 2009


Along this island's coast there were caves inviting exploration. We picked up a day mooring and jumped into the water for our first snorkeling excursion of our trip. It was fun to follow the fish into the caves. This is Pelican Island. I could envision sailors from hundreds of years ago taking their skiffs in to explore, their massive wooden sailing ships anchored nearby. Was treasure ever hidden here? It is known that treasure was hidden at least somewhere on these islands. The local literature says that millions of dollars worth of treasure was found in a cave on nearby Norman Island, hidden there by pirates. On the other side of this tiny island, Saba Rock, was a wonderful reef. You can see, just there, looking towards that sunset, where the water turns dark, is the edge of the reef. We took the dinghy out there, and took a look. It's open ocean from there. Only little Anegada between us and Africa. I'll admit I felt exposed out there on that reef. I am a child of the Jaws generation, after all. It's just not good when you are out there, floating on the edge of the black abyss of open ocean and the Jaws theme suddenly comes into your head. Dah dum.... I had to concentrate on counting the different species fish I could see. In truth, the beauty was so spectacular that it was difficult to tear oneself away. I wanted just to float there, looking and looking, to discover the well camouflaged, to remember the the rest of my life. Just to note - I am home now, back from my trip. It took 4 days to stop feeling as though I was rocking. I am writing to capture some special moments and memories, and share a laugh.


  1. You captured the feelings out there, the fear, the awe, the immensity of that space.

  2. Hi Jennifer

    am I right in thinking there is just the two of you on board?

    Presumably your partner has had some sailing experience...

    This sounds as if you have really had a break or broke yourself off from your daily life and work.
    The sunset through the rigging creates a lovely mood.
    You were very brave - and adventurous..good on you...

    How are you now feeling about tackling a BIG adventure further afield.

    Happy days

  3. Jennifer,

    Glad to hear you are home safe and somewhat sound. It does take a bit to feel that solid land is solid. Just reading your account I can feel the rocking. Are you still inclined (no pun intended) to live aboard?

    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

  4. Thank you, Rosaria. I was surprised that there was such a difference in what it felt like to me between snorkling in a sheltered cove between islands, and being next to the open sea.

  5. Delwyn, yes it was just my husband and I, and yes he has some sailing experience. I've overnighted on a sailboat before, and I knew it was something that I could do. You can feel it in your hands and feet when you get the angle of the sails to the wind just right. The boat sings with vibration and lifts up from the water and flies.

  6. Hi Lianne, well SOME of the romance of the sea wore off a bit with all the physical discomfort (including all that sitting on hard cockpit seats), so I'm thinking about it. Right now I believe I would still like to do long term jaunts/explorations - but maybe I don't want to sell my house on solid ground!


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