Friday, February 5, 2010


I found out today that a client of mine passed away a few days ago.  I myself had been trying to reach her last week.  I had wondered about how I would find out if something happened, and whom I should call to check on her.  She had moved to another state, so was too far away to check on myself.  Today I learned that my concerns were real.  She was my age. 

I am not able to talk about her in any detail, but I can tell you that she had a good heart, was generous, so outgoing and funny, and she was very brave through hard setbacks she had to endure.  I am thinking about you, L.  I hope you have peace now.


  1. Condolences. It does shake us up a bit to lose someone we knew who was close to our own age.

  2. It's always such a shock when someone so young dies. Makes you wonder about the uncertainties of life.

  3. hi jennifer. it's kind of you to remember her here and with such thoughtful words. it's tough when anyone flies away, and it raises little concerns in us when the person is our age or younger. "so i could die any time also." have a peaceful day jennifer. steven

  4. So sorry you are sad. Peace & Love to you. xo kitty

  5. It's as if we lose a piece of ourselves for a bit when someone we care about leaves their body behind. We're so interconnected. Do they take a piece of us with them?


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