Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sun just this minute slid its rays around the piney curtain barring its earlier climb above the horizon.  It was almost a flash, or like someone turned on a spotlight.  One minute it was dreary gray and cold outside, and the next - light.  Let there be light. 

I had been sitting in my sunroom feeling... well, gray.  No reason.  No justification.  Nothing to do with my previous post.  In fact, I was sort of wondering at it, feeling somewhat more wretched because I am a very fortunate person and have nothing to justify the self indulgence of blah.  Then the sun slapped me in the face. 


  1. Everybody has those days once in a while. Cheer up.

  2. morning jennifer. you waken into grey with no apparent reason. there are mornings like that. i love when the sun pulls my mouth into a smile. you've traced words and images around that moment really nicely here. have a peaceful day. steven

  3. Slapped, not kissed? A matter of viewpoint. As for me, it's still gray and I'm cold. I'm going to nestle under the covers and watch HGTV until I'm warm.

  4. "Then the sun slapped me in the face." That's wonderful...!

    I love your blog.

    I just read your previous post about your client. I'm so sorry. That always makes me sad to hear things like that.


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