Monday, April 5, 2010

The music of life. That is the theme if the book I just closed.
There it is, on my "tray." This is a signed copy, a gift from the author whom I know. I love his phrase - music of life. Think about that. I've considered life many ways, but not as music. But it is. Yes. A simple tune, or a symphony, melodic, jazzy, plaintive and timid, or bold and full.
There is music to our actions in the way we treat others and carry out our beliefs. What about the music of holding a baby, play, and of course making love. There is music in the work we do, especially if it is meaningful. There is even music in sorrow.

What music are you creating?


  1. I'm not certain, but I hope it resonates like the playing of a crystal bowl, helping to bring about a new consciousness.

  2. What a beautiful analogy!! Yes, music not only speaks to my reflects and encompasses life! That must be a simply wonderful book!!! So glad you are posting again! I missed you! Love, Janine Xo

  3. Hello! Just stopped by to say "hi!" Hope you are having a wonderful week! ~Janine XO


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