Saturday, April 3, 2010

Travelling today. This post is being sent via texting from my iPhone. I'm on my way to visit my grandchildren in Florida.

I have four unfinished posts saved, lingering unposted. Where did the month of March go? We've gone from piles of snow to 80 degree weather, stoking the woodstove to casting open all the windows to relish the warm breeze. Our appetites have gone from hearty stews and other comfort sustenance to salads and outdoor grilling. Winter to summer.

A bear has visited the bin in which I keep the birdseed. Twice. I find it turned over and broken apart in the early morning when the dogs and I burst out of the house to greet the day. A telltale bag of seed, ripped apart and dirty, is found yards away from the bin, into the woods.

I wish I had stopped to photogaph the sunrise through the mist which graced my early drive to the airport this morning. It delighted me, made me pause in my "gotta hurry," preflight frame of mind. Still, I chose the airport rush and ended up, as usual, with plenty of time to spare. The beauty I beheld this morning only captured in my braincells.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so impressed that you could blog from your phone. I'm having trouble blogging from my laptop!

  2. I'm glad the beauty is captured somewhere. And remember, even we Bears have to eat!


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