Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The arrival.  That stroller is loaded with 2 cats in 2 separate cat carriers and a full diaper bag with enough toys and food to address a 7 hour trip.  And still she smiles.

The first weekend home, we feel the need for open spaces, sunshine and views.  We climbed the hill of the orchard.   Aaaahhh.  Let New Hampshire sink in.


  1. Beatiful pictures!! Congratulations!!!

    Frank, Barcelona


  2. That baby face is divine! Not sure if the joys of NH have sunk in yet, though.

    I'm sure it will be a huge joy to you, though, having your daughter and granddaughter nearby. I feel so guilty that I'm so far from my mother.

    How are you enjoying Freedom? I loved it so much that I read The Corrections immediately afterward. Two Franzens in a row gets a bit angsty, though.


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